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Curaprox Ortho Kit 4 Pcs Ost Cura26

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An integrated set of dental hygiene and gum health care during the installation of an orthodontic device

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Curaprox Ortho Kit 4 Pcs

Curaprox Ortho kit is an integrated set of oral hygiene and gum health during the period of installation of the orthodontic device.
The chances of dental plaque and bacteria accumulation that cause bad breath and gingivitis increase with the installation of an orthodontic appliance, which requires more dental care and attention.

Curaprox Ortho Kit consists of:
1- Curaprox Round Brush:
It has a round head and an ergonomic handle that makes it easy to control.
It cleans the surfaces of the teeth and the gum line without damaging them to prevent the accumulation of bacteria and dental plaque.

2- Interdental cleaning kit:
Small size plastic package which makes it easy to carry and use anywhere while traveling, working or other things.
The package contains orthodontic wax to protect the gums from ulcers and irritation caused by contact with orthodontic wires.
It also contains three interchangeable brush heads to clean the gaps between teeth.
As well as cleans small spaces and behind orthodontic wires to prevent the buildup of bacteria that causes gingivitis and tooth decay.
Equipped with an ergonomic plastic holder which facilitates use and ensures maximum hygiene during installation of the orthodontic appliance.

3- Orthodontic wax:
The wax forms a protective barrier between the orthodontic wires and the gums to protect them from pain, irritation and ulcers caused by the constant friction with the sharp brackets of the orthodontic device.

4- Ultra-soft orthodontic brush:
A toothbrush with a small head that is angled slightly to reach hard-to-reach places such as behind the teeth and above and below the braces.
It has tightly aligned and ultra-soft bristles to effectively clean teeth and remove dental plaque.

• Curaprox Orthodontic Kit helps clean the spaces between teeth and hard-to-reach places.
• Works to get rid of food residues and remove dental plaque and accumulated bacteria.
• Helps protect gums from irritation and pain caused by orthodontic wires rubbing against the gums.
• Curaprox Ortho Kit protects from caries and gingivitis.

How to use:
• Brush your teeth with a Curaprox orthodontic brush, then use an interdental brush and a round brush, repeating after each meal.
• Apply orthodontic wax pieces as needed by gently applying pressure to the wires that are causing the irritation.

Point of interest:
• Clean your hands and teeth properly before using ortho wax to prevent any bacterial infection.
• Be sure to change the aligner wax frequently (at least change it twice a day).
• Remove orthodontic wax before brushing teeth.
• Don't worry if you swallowed orthodontic wax, as it is made of natural and non-toxic materials, and no harm will occur if it is accidentally swallowed.
• Be sure to visit the dentist once every 6 months.
• Wash your toothbrush before and after use.

Made in: Switzerland.

Quantity: 4 Pcs.

Store at room temperature.
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