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DCL Detoxifying Clay Mask 50 mL 250139 to purify the skin

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Helps to clean and purify the pores

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DCL Detoxifying Clay Mask 50 mL 250139

A detoxifying deep cleaning mask that intensely gets rid of impurities and blackheads.
It exfoliates the skin to unclog the pores, removes excess oil, unifies skin tone.
It prevents dehydration and fights breakout-causing bacteria.

Active ingredients:
Tea Tree Oil , Phytic Acid, Lentil Seed Extract, Volcanic Ash,

• Skin is left softer and radiant.
• Controls oils production.
• Purify the skin.

How to use:
• Two-three times weekly.
• Apply with kindness to clean, dry skin, avoiding eye area.
• Relax for 10 minutes or until the mask dries.
• Rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water.
• Pat dry and follow with moisturizer as needed.

Points of interest:
Keep away from children.
For external use only.
Avoid contact with eyes.
Dermatologist tested.

Made in:

50 mL

Store at room temperature
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