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Devon Ideal Salon Nails In Seconds 12 Sizes 24 Nails 3007

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Long Almond-shaped artificial nails give you a dark red color for an attractive look.

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Devon Ideal Salon Nails In Seconds 12 Sizes 24 Nails 3007
Almond-shaped nails, give your nails more length to make your hands look more attractive.
It is flexible and made of high-quality materials that make it safe for natural nails as it does not chip or break natural nails.
Easy to use, you can effortlessly install and remove it at home within a few minutes and you can trim it to a suitable shape for your hands before application.

Color: Attractive dark red.
Size: 12 sizes.
Quantity: 24 Nails.
Shape: long Almond.
Nail Glue: Does not contain nail glue.

Artificial Nails enhance the beauty of your nails and give them a beautiful dark red color.
Artificial Nails give your nails more length.
Give your nails an almond shape for a more attractive look.

How to use:
1- Clean nails of any polish or oil with acetone-based polish remover.
2- Select the correct size nails for each finger
3- Apply a thin layer of Nail glue to the natural nail.
4- Keep a 45°angle between the nail tip and the fingernail, Press the bubbles out & hold for 5 seconds.

1- Firstly cut down the edge of your artificial nails.
2- Soak nails individually in Artificial Nail Remover until the nails start to dissolve.
3- Moisturize your nails using the appropriate nail oils.

Do not use it on weak, irritated, or infected nails.
Avoid pulling nails to pick them up, as this may cause a break or crack in the natural nail.
Do not wet your hands for at least an hour to strengthen the bond between your natural and artificial nails.
Keep Nails out of reach of children.

24 Pieces.

room temperature.

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