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Dr. Smith Tongue Cleanser 1 Pc

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A tool that is used to clean the tongue and maintains oral hygiene

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Dr. Smith Tongue Cleanser 1 Pc

Dr. Smith Tongue Cleaner helps maintain oral hygiene by effectively cleaning the tongue and removing food residue.
It can also aid in the removal of plaque that brushing alone may not reach, thereby preventing oral health problems such as gum disease and tooth decay.
With its unique shape, Dr. Smith Tongue Cleaner allows you to clean the surface of the tongue from back to front, providing a thorough and refreshing experience.
It effectively prevents bad breath and leaves your mouth feeling clean and fresh.

- Dr. Smith Tongue Cleaner maintains oral health and hygiene.
- Provides an anti- plaque action.
- Dr. Smith Tongue Cleaner cleanses hard- to- reach places.
- Prevents bad breath.
- Easy to use and clean.

How to use:
Use Dr. Smith Tongue Cleaner after brushing the teeth with toothpaste.

More information:
- Wash the tongue cleaner before and after using it to remove bacteria and food residue.
- Be sure to visit the dentist once every 6 months.

1 Piece

Store at room temperature
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