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Elastic Crepe Bandage 5cm x 4.5m

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An elastic crepe bandage that is used to provide compression to reduce pain and relieve sprains and strains in joints and muscles

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Elastic Crepe Bandage 5cm x 4.5m

Elastic Crepe Bandage is a bandage used to relieve pain associated with muscle tension or stress.
The highly elastic bandage is made from crepe material, that provides mild compression on muscles and joints.
This compression provides support to the muscles and joints, which promotes healing and relieves tightness and pain.
The Elastic Bandage can also be used to secure medical gauze over wounds, which stops bleeding and ensures that the wound is kept clean and sterile.

Benefits of elastic crepe bandage:
- Provides compression on injured muscles and joints.
- Supports muscles, promoting the healing process.
- Used to fix medical gauze over wounds.
- Helps stop bleeding when rolled over wounds.

How to use the elastic crepe bandage:
Wrap the bandage tightly over the affected area.

More information:
- Avoid pulling the bandage vigorously, as this can restrict or stop blood flow.
- If the pain persists after using the bandage, you should see a doctor to ensure that there is no underlying injury
- Do not use the bandage if you are allergic to the materials it is made of.

Made in:

5cm x 4.5m

Store at room temperature
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