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Eucerin Natural Caring Oil

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Helps prevent and visibly reduces stretch marks

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Eucerin Natural Caring Oil

Eucerin Caring Oil has been developed specifically for the needs of dry, sensitive skin prone to stretch marks and is ideal for use during pregnancy and after.
It contains pure and natural Vitamin E and high-quality, pure vegetable oils – Sunflower, Jojoba and Almond Oil – that are rich in Linoleic Acid, an unsaturated fatty acid that strengthens the skin’s natural barrier function.

The oil massages in easily and is quickly absorbed. Applying with regular massage will stimulate blood circulation, enhancing skin’s elasticity and significantly reducing the appearance of stretch marks.
Skin is smooth, feels silky soft and is pleasantly fragranced.
Eucerin’s Caring Oil for sensitive skin is suitable for use during pregnancy and after and can be used on babies and children.


* With 100% narutal oils of Sunflower seed, Jojoba and Almond.
* Helps prevent and reduce stretch marks with regular massage.
* Enhances skin elasticity.
* Spreads easily, absorbs quickly.
* Skin is smooth and feels silky soft.

How to use:

- Apply the oil twice daily to the appropriate areas.
- Gently massage in circular motions until completely absorbed.
- Dermatologists and midwives recommend the proven pinch massage: for the belly: take folds of skin between your thumbs and forefingers, lift them up and pinch them between your fingers, Then quickly release them.

for the breasts: Start with small circular motions along the outside edge of your breast and continue inward in a spiral pattern to the centre, leaving out the nipple.
Move the skin and stretch the underlying tissue to promote circulation.
For best results, massage your skin twice daily for 5 to 10 minutes each time.

Active ingredients:
Sunflower Seed oil , Jojoba oil , Almond oil , Vitamin E.

Storage conditions:
Room temperature.

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