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Eveline 15% Glycolic Acid Peel Shot For Smoothing 30 ml

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An innovative skin exfoliating serum to rejuvenate, brighten and even skin tone and improve the appearance of superficial wrinkles



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Eveline 15% Glycolic Acid Peel Shot For Smoothing 30 ml

Eveline 15% Glycolic Acid Peel Shot is a serum designed to exfoliate the skin in order to help improve its appearance.
Eveline serum is effective in treating skin imperfections such as pigmentation and dark spots, as it works to lighten the skin tone.
Eveline Peel Shot Serum is rich in glycolic acid, gluconolactone, and Mandelic acid.
- Glycolic acid is one of the alpha hydroxy acids, as it works to rejuvenate the skin and remove dead skin, in addition to improving skin texture and hydration.
- Gluconolactone, a polyhydroxy acid that helps to even out skin tone and get rid of dark spots and pigmentation.
- Mandelic acid, a form of alpha hydroxy acid, helps improve skin tone and texture as well as reduce superficial wrinkles.

Active ingredients:
Glycolic acid, Gluconolactone, Mandelic acid, Salicylic acid, Aloe barbadensis leaf juice

• Eveline 15% Glycolic Acid Serum works to rejuvenate the skin.
• Eveline serum improves the appearance of superficial wrinkles.
• Works to remove pigmentation and dark spots to unify skin color.
• Improves the appearance of skin imperfections.
• Works to lighten the skin and unify its color.
• Eveline Peel Shot serum moisturizes the skin.

Directions for use:
• Apply a few drops of Eveline 15% Glycolic Acid Peel Shot onto the skin of the face, neck, and neckline 2-3 times a week in the evening.
• Leave it on for 5 minutes then rinse off with lukewarm water.
• Avoid application of the eyes, lips, and nasal wings.
• It is recommended to apply a cream with SPF 20 when using Eveline 15% Glycolic Acid serum.

More information:
• In case of sensitive skin, it is recommended to do an allergy test before use.
• While using the Eveline 15% Glycolic Acid Peel Shot, apply a sunscreen of at least SPF 20.
• It is normal to feel a slight tingling sensation when using Eveline 15% Glycolic Acid Peel Shot.
• Suitable for all skin types.

Made in:

30 ml

Store at room temperature
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