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Hair Mask

Eveline Argan+Keratin Hair Mask 8In1 - 300 ml

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A hair mask that thoroughly cleanses, nourishes, and revitalizes damaged and colored hair

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Eveline Argan+Keratin Hair Mask 8In1- 300 ml.
Eveline Argan+Keratin Hair Mask 8In1 is a versatile hair mask that offers multiple benefits for colored, highlighted, and damaged hair.
The hair mask has an exclusive formula that preserves hair color, enhances shine, and provides deep nourishment and regeneration to hair fibers.
Once applied, Eveline Argan+Keratin Hair Mask 8In1 takes 3 minutes for its effect to transform your hair, leaving it shiny, soft, and free from frizz.
The hair mask uses a lightweight formula to ensure no residue is left behind and allows your hair to maintain its lightness and volume.
Eveline Argan+Keratin Hair Mask 8In1 is enriched with active ingredients such as:
- Argan oil: Rejuvenates and protects your hair.
- Keratin: Rebuilds its structure naturally, nourishes deeply, and adds shine to hair.
- Silk proteins: Contribute to the restoration of damaged hair, leaving it incredibly soft, shiny, and easily manageable.
- D- panthenol: Adds to the formula's benefits by protecting, regenerating, and strengthening your hair as well as nourishing your scalp and reinforcing hair roots.

Active ingredients:
Argan oil, Keratin, Silk Proteins, D-Panthenol,

Eveline Argan+Keratin Hair Mask 8In1 Benefits:
• Restores hair fibers.
• Provides moisture and smoothness.
• Nourishes and strengthens the hair.
• Promotes intense regeneration.
• Enhances shine from the hair base to the tip.
• Leaves hair soft and elastic.
• Facilitates easy combing and styling.
• Offers protection against harmful external factors.

Directions for use of the Eveline Argan+Keratin Hair Mask 8In1- 300 ml:
• Take a small amount of the Eveline Argan+Keratin Hair Mask 8In1 and apply it evenly along the entire length of washed, wet hair.
• Leave the mask on your hair for a duration of 10- 15 minutes.
• Thoroughly rinse off the mask from your hair.
• Use the hair mask 2- 3 times a week for optimal results.

More information:
• For external use only.
• Dermatologically tested.
• Keep out of reach of children.
• Store in a cool and dry place.
• Avoid contact with the eyes.

Made in: EU

Quantity: 300 ml

Store at room temperature
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