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FDI Premium Elbow Crutch Black With Yellow Grip OP 02/06 1 Pc

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Elbow Crutch support walking while recovering from leg injuries

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FDI Premium Elbow Crutch Black With Yellow Grip OP 02/06 1 Pc

FDI Premium Elbow Crutch is designed as a walking aid to help you recover from leg injuries.
Premium is more comfortable for medium to long-term use with its wide cuff and lightweight, which is a perfect day-to-day companion.
It is a good weight-bearing. It can handle up to 130 kg.
Premium Elbow Crutches are the real solution for painful hands because of their soft handle that charges off the pain in the hands and provides comfort.

- Size: adjustable.
- Grip Color: Black with Yellow Grip.
- Main tube color: black.
- Crutch weight: 510 g.
- Maximum user weight: 130 kg.
- Tube height: from 675mm to 970mm.
- Tube: High-quality aluminum tube.
- Distance between handgrip and cuff: 240 mm.
- It comes as one crutch.

• Premium Elbow Crutch aids walking.
• Recover from leg injuries.
• Ideal for immediate treatment of sprains and strains and soft tissue injuries.
• Weight-bearing.
• Lightweight.
• Comfortable handle.
• Premium Crutch is easily adjustable to match posture and height.

How to use:
Use Premium Elbow Crutch as you were instructed by the physiotherapists.

Points of interest:
• Read the manual before use.
• Please do not use the stick to lift, hold or bar weights such as luggage or as a tool for defense.
• Remove all obstacles including rugs and other trip hazards around the home.
• Take care in wet or icy conditions.
• Be careful while using the stairs.

Made in:

1 Piece

Store at room temperature.
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