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Fitobalm Vapour 30 ml Bimbi for better breath

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Vapor Helps your child to breathe better

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Fitobalm Vapour 30 ml Bimbi for better breath

• Fitobalm Vapour gives a high degree of safety and non-toxicity, it can be used as a balsamic vaporizer in children's rooms from the first months.

• Fitobalm makes the air pleasant and helps you to breathe better leaving a healthy balsamic note in the environment for a long time.

Active ingredients:
Balsamic essential oils

• Fitobalm promotes breathing and relieves the respiratory tract.
• Helps to breathe better.
• Fitobalm contains a blend of essential oils for environmental vaporizations.

How To Use:
• Add 5-6 drops of Fitobalm or more as required and according to the size of the room, in the water container of the radiator, a diffuser, or a humidifier.

Points Of Interest:
• For External use.
• Fitobalm vapor contains Essential oils.

Made in:

30 ml

Store at room temperature
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