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Flipper Pororo Crong Toothbrush Holder

5.150 KD

Children's toothbrush holder with Cartoon character design

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Flipper Pororo Crong Toothbrush Holder

Flipper Toothbrush Holder with an attractive design in the shape of the Pororo Crong character.
Flipper Pororo Crong Toothbrush Holder makes your child more willing to take care of his teeth cleanliness without any trouble through its distinctive shape.
Intended for storing and keeping your child's toothbrush away from dust, bacteria and external contaminants.
It has side vents to allow the bristles to dry and is suitable for almost all types of toothbrushes.
It is easy to use as it can be opened and closed with one touch, and it is also easy to stick to the glass and mirror.

• Flipper toothbrush holder to protect it from pollution, bacteria and dirt.
• Helps to store and keep your child's toothbrush safely.

Point of interest:
• The toothbrush holder from Flipper is available in several colors.
• Be sure to clean the brush before storing it.

Made in: Malaysia.

Quantity: 1 Pc.

Store at room temperature.
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