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Fungex Athlete's Foot Socks For fungal foot

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A sock allows you to reduce itching , irritation and bad odor with a single application

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Fungex Athlete's Foot Socks

FungeX Athlete's Foot Socks is the ultimate way to soothe red, sensitive, and irritated skin of the feet and between toes.
It reduces irritation and unpleasant smell.

• Convenient and hygienic sock application.
• Quick and easy to use for the entire foot.
• Reduces irritation and unpleasant smell
• Soothes the skin and reduces redness.
• It works on the renewal of skin cells.
• One size fits all.

How to use:
Remove any products, e.g. nail polish, from your feet before use.
Use a scissor to cut the FungeX Athlete's Foot Socks along the indicated lines.
Place the socks over your feet and make sure it fits comfortably.
Seal the socks with adhesive strips.
Wear the socks for 30 minutes then remove the socks.

Points of interest:
• Longer application time doesn't harm but doesn't increase the efficacy.
• No need to wash off, just let your feet dry naturally.

Made in: Netherlands

Quantity: 1 pair of socks

Store at room temperature
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