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Gauze Swab 3*3 Inch 100 Pcs

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Medical gauze for wound dressing

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Gauze Swab 3*3 Inch 100 Pcs Al-Jawarweh

Gauze Swab is flexible, soft, and light on the skin. It is also characterized by its air permeability, ease, and speed of use.

Made of safe and gentle materials that do not cause allergies.

Gauze Swab is used with an ointment or antiseptic liquid as well as for fixing and covering the cotton and medical dressings.

It isolates wounds from germs and external factors that may cause contamination and inflammation, which helps speed wound healing.

Product Color: white
Size: 3*3 Inch
Quantity: Pack contains 100 pieces.

• Covering and fixing cotton and bandages.
• Gauze Swab isolates wounds to speed healing.
• The medical Gauze Swab is used in different parts of the body.

How to use:
Follow the instructions included on the Gauze Swab package.

point of interest:
• This gauze cannot be reused and is for one-time use only.
• Wash your hands before dressing any wound to reduce the risk of infection.

Quantity: One Pieces.

Store at room temperature.
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