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Golanil Junior Oral Spray 30 ml For Throat Irritation

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Oral spray indicated for the treatment of throat irritation

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Golanil Junior Oral Spray 30 ml For Throat Irritation

• Golanil Junior Oral Spray is indicated for the treatment of throat irritation.
• Golanil Junior Calms irritation and protects the throat.
• Thanks to the synergy of their ingredients, they are specific adjuvants with protective film-forming action for the treatment of irritative states of the throat which can be caused by:
Cooling states, allergies, or contact with external agents (such as, for example, smoke, smog, and dust); relieve related symptoms such as dryness, burning, pain, and difficulty in swallowing.

Active ingredients:
Propolis, Ribes nigrum, Acerola dry extract.

• Golanil Junior Calms irritation.
• Protects the throat.
• Golanil Junior Relieves pain.

How To Use:
• Shake before using, use the appropriate applicator by administering:
3 to 4 deliveries in the pharyngeal cable; depending on the need, it is possible to repeat the application up to 4 - 5 times during the day.

Points Of Interest:
Golanil Junior is characterized by:
• Gluten-free.
• Lactose-free.

Made in: Italy.

Quantity: 30 ml.

Store at room temperature.
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