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Hansaplast Corn Plaster 8 Pcs

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Are medical plasters infused with salicylic acid to treat foot corn

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Hansaplast Corn Plaster 8 Pcs

- Hansaplast Corn Plaster are therapeutic plasters that contain salicylic acid, which is effective in treating corns.
- Hansaplast plasters are characterized by effective adhesion with a long strip to allow for stable and long-term fixation of the plasters.
- The plasters also contain a circular cushioning foam in the middle that contains salicylic acid to cover the corn without causing discomfort.
- Hansaplast plasters relieve pressure and pain caused by corns and deeply moisturize the area, which speeds up healing.

Active ingredients:
Salicylic Acid.

The benefits of Hansaplast plasters for treating corn:
- Provides long-term protection thanks to its unique design.
- It has a cushioning foam that prevents discomfort during patch application.
- Treats the corn and moisturizes the area.
- It isolated the affected area from external conditions, which speeds up recovery.

How to use Hansaplast corn plasters:
- Clean the affected area and dry it well.
- Place the adhesive so that the cushioning foam is directly on the corn.
- Change the patch after two days.
- After 4 days, remove the soft corn with a warm bath of salt or soap.

More information:
- Do not use corn plasters if you have diabetes.
- Do not use if the skin is sensitive to salicylic acid or latex.
- Do not use if you suffer from circulatory disorders.
- Patches can cause sensitivity and redness in the area.
- The patches are dermatologically tested.

Made in: Germany.

Quantity: 8 pieces.

Store at room temperature.
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