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Heliabrine HA Cleansing Lather Gel 250 mL Echcg to cleanse the skin

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Helps to remove sebum and purify the skin

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Heliabrine HA Cleansing Lather Gel 250 mL Echcg

Cleansing gel for oily to combination skin helps to purify the skin.
It contains:
Lipesters®: Anti-bacterial agent that gives you clean and healthy-looking skin.
Calendula: It has anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties, and it helps to restore skin elasticity.
Allantoin: Moisturizes skin, prevents dryness, and removes dead cells.
Cornflower: Acts as astringent, it helps to close the pore and regulates sebum production
Lime blossom: gently cleanse the skin and remove excess oil.

Active ingredients:
Lipesters®, Calendula, Allantoin, Cornflower, Lime blossom

• Cleanses and purifies the skin.
• Helps to get rid of excess sebum.
• Has anti-inflammatory and bacterial properties.

How to use:
Uses daily in the morning and evening.
Gently massage on damp skin until lather appears, then rinse thoroughly with water.

Points of interest:
• For external use only.
• Keep out of reach of children.
• Avoid eye contact.

Made in:

250 mL

Store at room temperature
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