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Henso Kinesiology Tape 5cm X 5m Green

4.500 KD

Colored Muscle Strapping Kinesiology Tape

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Henso Kinesiology Tape 5cm X 5m

• Kinesiology Tape is a kind of wound fixation tape that is made of cotton or viscose fabric with adhesive plaster, skin-friendly and breathable.
• Material: 95% cotton + 5% rayon
• Colors: Different colors available
• Size: 5cm x 5m.

• It offers support by conforming to areas such as ankles, wrists, and hands, and helps to prevent sprains and injuries.
• Strong adhesive and support protect and speed recovery on current injured areas by providing extra support.
• Breathability and comfort.

Points of interest:
• Hypoallergenic and latex-free.

Made in: China.

Quantity: 7 cm*5 m.

Store at room temperature.
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