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Hydralyte Apple Blackcurrant Electrolyte Solution 4*250 ml

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A solution with Apple Blackcurrant flavor used to relieve dehydration symptoms

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Hydralyte Apple Blackcurrant Electrolyte Solution 4*250 ml

Body loses a lot of water due to diarrhea, vomiting, heat, and vigorous exercise, leading to dehydration and low sodium and potassium levels.

Dehydration signs:

• Increased thirst.
• Sticky and dry mouth.
• Lethargy.
• Decreased urine output and dark yellow urine.
Hydralyte Electrolyte Solution is used to replace Electrolytes and water that the body loses which helps to regulate blood pressure, control fluid balance, and strengthen the muscles and bones.
The solution contains glucose, sodium, and potassium, so it is used after consulting a doctor or pharmacist in the case of:
Patients suffering from high blood pressure, diabetes, or persistent diarrhea for more than 24 hours.

Active ingredients:
Glucose Monohydrate, Citric Acid Monohydrate, Sodium, Potassium

• Treats dehydration.
• Provides the body with minerals.
• Available in three flavors.
• Suitable for children and adults.

How to use:
Under 12 months: 100 every 90 minutes
1-3 years:100 every 90 minutes.
3-6 years:100 every 60 minutes.
6-12 years:100 every 30 minutes.
12 adults:100 every 30 minutes.

Points of interest:
• Suitable for use during pregnancy.
• No added gluten.
• Don't dilute with water.
• Refrigerate after opening and discard after 1 month.

Made in:

4× 250 ml

Store at room temperature.
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