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Jelly Pop Facial Soothing Mask 10 g

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.Jelly pop mask moisturizes and soothes skin irritation and redness

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Jelly Pop Facial Soothing Mask 10 g
Jelly pop mask contains that is rich in aloe vera leaf extract, green tea, allantoin, and safflower.
This effective blend helps to reduce oxidative stress which repairs cell damage.
It soothes irritated and sensitive skin, as well as reduces redness.
Jelly pop mask that deeply moisturizes the skin and gives it softness and freshness.

Active ingredients:
Safflower, Allantoin, Aloe Vera extract, Sodium hyaluronate, Green tea.

• Jelly pop mask soothes irritation and redness.
• It moisturizes the skin.
• Jelly pop mask gives you more attractive and fresh skin.

How to use:
• Wash your face thoroughly with warm water before applying the mask to open the pores and removes makeup residue.
• Open Jelly pop mask and apply it directly to the face for 10 minutes.

Point of interest:
• Jelly pop mask is suitable for dry and sensitive skin
• Jelly pop mask is made of bio-cellulose that does not contain the front and back sheet cover.
• Fast absorbing mask, Easy to use, just two steps.
• For single-use.

10 g.

How to store:
Store at room temperature.

Made in:
south Korea.

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