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Leukopor 1.25cm x 5m

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Adhesive medical paper plaster is used to fix bandages for hypersensitive skin

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Leukopor 1.25cm x 5m

Leukopor is a surgical tape made of viscose polyester and a polyacrylate adhesive that is friendly on the skin, making it ideal for use on hypersensitive skin.
Keeps bandages in place for a long time.
It allows the skin to breathe and not retain moisture, thanks to its air permeability.

• It does not leave any residue on the skin when removed.
• Leukopor adhesive Plaster ensures the stability of the bandages for a long time.
• Does not cause irritation or sensitivity to the skin.

Direction for use:
Measure the desired amount of tape needed and cut it off with scissors or hand.
Apply gently on the affected area.

More information:
• Specifications: 1.25cm x 5m
• Useful for elderly and children's skin.
• Paper medical adhesive plaster.

Made in:

One piece

Store at room temperature
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