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Libero 2 New Born 3-6 Kg 36'S to prevent leakage

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Soft and comfortable diapers with high absorbency and prevent leakage for newborns weighing 3 – 6 kg



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Libero 2 New Born 3-6 Kg - 36'S

Libero 2 for newborn babies weighing 3 – 6 kg is a caring and reliable diaper with a highly absorbent core and double leakage barriers around the legs for optimum protection.

It is a very soft and comfortable diaper with breathable materials that do not cause any allergy to the baby’s delicate skin.

It is very comfortable around the belly button with gentle navel care which is important for newborns.

• Leakage protection.
• Soft and comfortable materials.
• Keeps the baby clean.

How to use:
Open the diaper and slide it under your baby.
The back part with the adhesive strips should be about level with your baby's belly button.
Bring the front part of the diaper up between your baby's legs and onto his or her belly.
Bring the adhesive strips on the front and fasten snugly.
Be careful not to stick the tape onto your baby's skin.
It is recommended that you change your baby's diaper every two to three hours, or as often as needed

Points of interest:
• For newborn babies weighing 3 – 6 kg.
• Size: 2
• Not changing your baby's diapers for a long time may cause rashes and irritate the skin.

Made in:

36 Pcs

Store at room temperature


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