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Libero 2 Newborn 3-6 Kg 34 Pcs

3.450 KD

Are diapers that are designed for newborn babies weighing between 3 to 6 kilograms

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Libero 2 Newborn 3-6 Kg 34 Pcs:

Libero 2 Newborn diapers are designed for newborns weighing 3-6 kilograms and keep their skin healthy and comfortable.

The diapers have a breathable outer material that allows air to circulate, preventing irritation and keeping skin dry.

Libero 2 Newborn diapers have a super-absorbent core that prevents leaks for hours and is also soft, elastic, and anatomically shaped to provide a comfortable fit that adapts to the baby's movements.

The hook-fastening tabs can be opened and closed as needed to achieve the perfect fit and the DryTech technology quickly draws liquid away from the skin ensuring dryness and minimizing redness.

Libero 2 Newborn Benefits:
• Keeps the baby’s skin dry and comfortable.
• Provides hours of leakage protection.
• Comfortable fit that adapts to the baby’s movements
• Easy adjustment to achieve the perfect fit
• Reduces redness and sensitivity to delicate skin.

Direction of use for the Libero 2 Newborn 3-6 Kg 34 Pcs:
• Open the package and unfold the Libero 2 Newborn diaper.
• Lift the baby's legs and place the diaper under the bottom.
• Bring the front part of the diaper up between the baby's legs and secure the adhesive tabs.
• Adjust the diaper to fit snugly around the baby's waist and legs ensuring there are no gaps.
• Check the diaper regularly and change it whenever it is wet or soiled.

More information:

• Dermatologically tested.
• Recyclable material to limit the impact on the climate.
• Store in a dry and cool place.

Made in:

34 Pieces

Store at room temperature
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