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Lierac Premium Mask 75 ml

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Lierac Premium The Supreme Mask Absolute Anti-Aging is an intensive anti-aging mask, which gives an immediate effect of rejuvenation.



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Lierac Premium Mask 75 ml

Lierac Premium The Supreme Mask Absolute Anti-Aging fights and reduces the visibility of wrinkles, loss of firmness, slackening, pigmentation, enlarged pores and uneven surfaces of the skin. Corrects all signs of aging, moisturizes and mattifies the skin. This mask, inspired by regenerative medicine, contains pure hyaluronic acid in a very high concentration, which gives the effect of intense and immediate rejuvenation. This formulation also includes an exclusive patented Premium Cellular Complex (4,5%), which combats all signs of aging, bringing a fresh, radiant and younger looking look to the face. The rich, very creamy mask envelops the skin, bringing a sense of comfort and luxury. Sophisticated and sensual with a subtle fragrance, this is the ideal pampering product for all skin types.

Lierac Premium The Supreme Mask Absolute Anti-Aging contains in its formulation:
• A patented Premium Cellular Complex (4.5%), comprised of hexapeptide FX, terpenoid and extracts of 3 rare black flowers, corrects all signs of skin aging.
• Hyaluronic acid (10%) hydrates, smoothes, and replumps the skin.
• A nutritious concentrate (15%) made from shea butter, glycerin, and vegetable oils keeps the skin beautifully nourished.

Points of interest:
• Applied for all skin types, including sensitive.
• Applied for once or twice a week.

• Corrects all signs of skin aging.
• Refines the texture and appearance of the skin.
• Deeply nourishes the skin.
• Illuminates the complexion.

Active ingretient:
Hexapeptide FX and terpenoid , Hyaluronic acid , Shea butter.

Beauty tips:
• For external use only.
• Avoid eye contact.

Moisturizing, Antiwrinkles


room temperature

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