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Lille Suprem Light Extra 28'S

3.000 KD

Soft and comfortable pads for women who suffer from urinary incontinence

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Lille Suprem Light Extra 28'S

Lille Suprem Pads provide discreet protection for light urinary incontinence.

Featuring a self-adhesive strip to hold the product securely in place.

Lille Suprem Pads ensure total comfort and discretion and optimum leakage protection.


• Lille Suprem Light Extra Pads provide anti-Leakage Protection.

• Soft and breathable.

• Lille Suprem Light Pads provide odor protection.

How to use:

Place Lille pad in your underwear as indicated on the package.​

Points of interest:

• Lille Suprem Pad is a disposable item.

• Lille Pads are suitable for light urinary loss.

• Suitable for independent and active women.

Made in:



28 Pieces

Store at room temperature.

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