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Lille Suprem Pants L Maxi 14'S

8.450 KD

Soft and comfortable pants for adult men and women who suffer from urinary incontinence

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Lille Suprem Pants L Maxi 14'S

Lille Suprem Pants Maxi help to control urinary incontinence.

It reduces the occurrence of rashes by allowing your skin to breathe and stay dry

Lille Suprem Pants have soft elastic sides for total comfort.

These pants provide maximum freshness by locking the odors.

It is very practical and the elasticated waist makes the product comfortable and discreet.

Size: Large


• Lille Suprem Pants are soft and breathable.

• Hypoallergenic.

• Lille Suprem Pants prevent leakage.

• Wetness Indicator.

How to use:

Suprem Pants can be put on and taken off like normal underwear.

To take them off, you can also tear the sides as indicated on the package.​

Points of interest:

• The wetness indicator changes into blue when it is time for a new one.

• Lille Pant is a disposable item.

• It is suitable for independent and active people.

Made in:

14 Pieces

Store at room temperature.

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