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Lytess Sleep & Slim Capris Black L/Xl

45.000 KD

A L/XL-sized black-colored capris that are used to slim down, tighten body and fight cellulite while you sleep

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Lytess Sleep & Slim Capris Black L/Xl:

Lytess Sleep & Slim Capris is an innovative product used to slim, firm, and remove cellulite from the body in a comfortable way so as not to disturb your sleep.
The capris pants combine ceramic textile fibers with cosmetic herbal extract ingredients for impressive slimming results.
Lytess Sleep & Slim Capris contains active ingredients including forskolin, wheat wax, garcinia, red algae, butcher's broom extract, and sweet almond oil.
The ingredients' effects can be divided into 4 actions: the forskolin and the wheat wax have a slimming effect while the garcinia and the red algae are used against cellulite.
The Butcher's broom extract possesses a firming effect while the sweet almond oil is capable of moisturizing the skin while you sleep.
The active ingredients of the Lytess Sleep & Slim Capris are released when coming in contact with the skin gradually as you sleep, helping to tone and firm your hips, and thighs.
Shape: Capris
Size: L/XL
Color: Black

Active ingredients:
Forskolin, Wheat Wax, Garcinia , Red algae, Butcher's broom Extract

• Made of breathable and soft materials
• Made using ceramic crystal fibers that boost microcirculation of the blood to aid slimming.
• Proven results showing 4.3 cm off the hips and 2.5 cm off the thighs within 20 days.

Directions for use:
• Wear the Lytess Sleep & Slim Capris for 8 hours a day for 20 days.

More information:
• The encapsulated ingredients remain active throughout 30 machine washes.
• Do not iron the Lytess Sleep & Slim Capris.
• The temperature of the water used to wash the capris pants should be 30 degrees Celsius.
• Made of 96% Polyamide and 4% Elastane.

Made in:

1 Piece

Store at room temperature.
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