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Massage Comb Phototherapy Comb LJ-200 for hair treatment

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Treating many hair problems by massaging and phototherapy.

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Massage Comb Phototherapy Comb L J-200

This comb is very helpful for treating many hair problems.
It works by two modes; the massage mode help improve blood circulation in the scalp which help strengthen the hair and make you relaxed.
The phototherapy mode works by releasing red light that help in increasing your mood, give soothing and relaxing effect. And blue light promote the absorption of hair nutrition, prevent hair loss and is very effective for oily hair.

• Massaging the scalp.
• Improving blood circulation.
• Promote nutrition absorption.
• Prevent hair loss.
• Improving oily hair.
• Gives relaxing effect.

How to use:
Used 2 - 4 times a day, for 5 - 10 minutes.

Points of interest:
• Needs USB charger.

room temperature.

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