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Mavala Hydro Repairing Foot Care Cream 50 mL For moisturizing foot skin

6.500 KD

Moisturizing foot cream from Mavala, rich in vitamins and urea in a high concentration, effective in moisturizing the skin of the foot and protecting them from cracking



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Mavala Hydro Repairing Foot Care Cream 50Ml

A unique moisturizing foot cream from Mavala, Helps in the vitality and recovery of the skin and helps in restoring the skin's comfort, suppleness and smoothness. Your best choice for daily foot care.

Active ingredients:
vitamin A , Urea.

keeps your skin fresh and soft.
Prevents cell cracks.
Softness dry skin.

How to use:
Apply it on your feet after washing it and dry it well.
every evening before sleep.

Point of interest:
Do not apply on open wounds or infected cracks.
For very dry, cracked heels.

Made in:
United Kingdom

50 mL

Store at room temperature
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