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Mavala Mava-Flex Serum 10 mL- strengthen the nails

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An exclusive product from Mavala that provides you stronger and harder nail



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Mavala Mava-Flex Serum 10ml

MAVA-FLEX is a well-balanced concentrate based on urea, saccharides and hyaluronic acid, calcium, lemon extract, and vitamin B5. It maintains a good moisture balance, restores and maintains the flexibility of the nail plate. It also helps reinforce the structure of nails, which are brittle or altered by drying products or external factors. Also ideal for toenails, which are generally quite hard.

Active ingredients:
lemon essential oil , vitamin B5 , calcium , sodium laureth sulfate .

Maintains appropriate moisture balance.
Restores nails flexibility.
Helps reinforce the structure of weak and brittle nails.

How to use:
Use twice a week, apply to clean nails before bedtime, and leave it on overnight.

Point of interest:
for dry and hard nails.
Easy to apply.
Rapidly penetrate skin.

Made in: United Kingdom.

Quantity: 10 mL.

Store at room temperature.
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