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Mavala Thinner For Nail polish 10 ml For nail polish Consistency

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Unique product that added to your nail polish to make it less thick, clumpy, more fluid and smooth to use



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Mavala Thinner For Nail Polish 10ml

Nail Polishes once they have been opened usually get thicker and clumpier over time, Mavala provides you with a unique product that helps to solve this nail polish problem.
Mavala Thinner is composed mainly of a special group of chemicals, that are added to nail polish to make them less thick, clumpy, more fluid, and smooth to use. Mavala thinner is your best choice to restore ideal consistency to nail polish, as well as to get polished nails with attractive appearances.

Active ingredients:
sunflower oi , Balloon vine extract , , ,

Excellent for keeping nail polish at its proper consistency.
Keeps nail polish consistently smooth.
Easily fix your polish.

How to use:
Add one or two drops of thinner and shake well
Let it stand for 20 minutes before using polish

Point of interest:
Easily fix your polish.
Easily to use.
Avoid contact with your eyes.
Keep out of reach of children.

Made in:
United Kingdom


Store at room temperature


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