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Medela Mini Electric Breast Pump

36.000 KD

Easy to use and convenient to maintain, it is a great pick

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Medela Mini Electric. Breast Pump

• The Medela Mini Electric breast pump is a good compact electric breast pump for mothers who occasionally express.
• Keep your little one healthy and full without you having to nurse him in public, swing this breast pump on the go.
• Easy to use and convenient to maintain, it is a great pick.
• Medela electric breast pump comes in a compact design and can also be used with one hand.
• You can choose the most comfortable vacuum option by switching on one of the controllers. Its compact design also makes it easy to carry while traveling. The Medela mini breast pump has a 150 ml bottle attached to it, which stores sufficient amounts of milk at a time.
• As the pump is BPA-free, it ensures the highest level of health safety for your child. With just four parts in the pump, cleaning and maintaining hygiene is a breeze.

• Compact: small motor unit, that can be operated with one hand
• Just five parts to deal with: easy to put together, take apart, and clean
• Tubeless

Points Of Interest:
• Type: Breast Pumps.
• Feature 2: Lightweight compact design that is easy to wash.
• Material: Plastic.
• Feature 1: BPA-free.
• Feature 3: Adjustable vacuum.

How To Use:
• According to the operating instructions supplied with the device.

How to Store:
Stores at room temperature

Made in:

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