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Miragel 2% Oral Gel 40 g for fungal infections

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For oral fungal infection

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Miragel 2% Oral Gel 40 g

• The gel contains miconazole which works by destroying the fungus.

Active ingredients:

• Used to treat fungal infections of the mouth, throat, and gullet.

How To Use:
• This medicine is for use in adults and children aged 4 months and over.

How much gel to use:

• Your doctor will tell you how much Miragel oral gel to take and for how long you should take it. Your doctor will probably suggest the following treatment course:
Infections of the mouth and throat:
• Infants 6 months - 2 years: 1/4 Teaspoon four times a day.
• Adults and children 2 years or older: 1/2 Teaspoon four times a day.

How to apply the gel:

• Each tube of the gel is sealed - use the cap to pierce the seal.
• For oral use only.
• Keep the gel in the mouth as long as possible. Do not swallow it straight away.
• If the infection is just in the mouth, apply directly to the affected area with a clean finger.
• If you are wearing dentures, remove them at bedtime and rub them with the gel. This helps stop your dentures from becoming infected too.
• Do not use more than the stated dose
• Use after meals.
• If you are giving the gel to a child or infant aged 4 months or over, make sure that the gel does not become a choking hazard by making sure you place the gel at the front of the mouth

Side Effects:
• Dry mouth.
• Feeling sick (nausea).
• Being sick (vomiting).
• Mouth discomfort.
• Regurgitation.
• Product tastes abnormal.

Do not use Miconaz oral gel:
• If you are allergic to miconazole, any of the other ingredients of this medicine, or to other similar antifungal medicines.
• If you suffer from liver problems.
• If it is for an infant under 4 months of age because of the risk of choking.

• Miconaz oral gel is sticky. This ensures that it stays in the mouth for as long as possible.
• If you are giving the gel to a child or infant, make sure that the gel does not close off the child's or infant's throat as they could choke on it.
• You should place the gel at the front of the mouth – never put it at the back of the throat.
• If your infant is being treated with Miconaz oral gel, and you are breastfeeding, do not apply the gel to your nipple to give the gel to your infant.

Drugs Interactions:
• If you are taking medicines to thin the blood (anticoagulants, such as warfarin) or if you are taking phenytoin (a medicine for epilepsy), your doctor may want to check the level of the medicines in your body by testing your blood.

Made in:
Saudi Arabia

40 g

Store at room temperature
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