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Mustela Baby Oil 100 ml

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A natural oil rich in avocado oil that moisturizes and massage the babies skin from day one



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Mustela Baby Oil 100 ml 

Mustela Baby Oil is specially formulated for the delicate skin of children as it helps to nourish, moisturize, and massage their skin.
The moisturizing oil formula features natural oils such as avocado oil that nourishes, moisturizes, and provides an anti-oxidant effect.
Avocado oil strengthens the natural lipid barrier in the baby's skin.

Active ingredients:
Avocado Oil, Pomegranate Seed Oil, Sun Slower Seeds Oil, ,

Benefits of Mustela Oil:
- Mustela oil nourishes the delicate skin of the baby.
- The oil moisturizes the baby's skin.
- Helps you to massage baby's skin and provide relaxation.

How to use Mustela baby oil:
- Put a little oil on your hands and warm them up a bit before starting the massage.

More information:
- 99% natural formula.
- Does not contain animal derivatives.
- Does not contain parabens or phenoxyethanol.
- Does not contain phthalates.
- Hypoallergenic.
- Dermatologically tested.

Made in:

100 ml

Store at room temperature
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