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Nexcare Durable Bandages Assorted 30 Pcs

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Medical adhesive bandages are made of a strong and flexible fabric that helps to prevent wounds from becoming infected



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Nexcare Durable Bandages Assorted 30 Pcs 

- Durable bandages of various sizes that cover wounds of different sizes tightly and comfortably.
- They are also made of durable yet breathable materials that allow skin to breathe to ensure that moisture and perspiration can evaporate.
- Nexcare Bandages prevent contamination of wounds and keep them clean to provide an environment conducive to wound healing.

Features of Nexcare Bandages:
- Provide superior wound protection from microbes.
- Allow air to pass through and the skin breathes.
- Provide an ideal environment for wound healing.
- Made of durable and elastic fabric that provides comfort to the skin.

Direction for Use of the Nexcare Bandages:
- Make sure the wound is clean before applying the patch.
- Sterilize the wound before choosing a patch and applying it to the wound.

More information:
- The package contains 30 Bandages of different sizes.
- 18 measuring: 19 mm x 72 mm.
- 4 measuring: 25 mm x 72 mm.
- 8 measuring: 23 mm x 28 mm.

Made in: Poland.

Quantity: 30 pc.

Store at room temperature.
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