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Nivea Rose Care Micellar Wipes 25 Pcs

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These wet wipes feature a distinctive formula designed to effectively clean the skin and remove makeup.

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Nivea Rose Care Micellar Wipes 25 Pcs

Wet wipes from Nivea are designed to cater to all skin types, including sensitive skin, thanks to their soft and gentle texture.
Infused with rose water, these wipes provide a soothing experience for the skin. The rose water contributes anti-inflammatory properties, offering protection to the skin and effectively moisturizing it.
Nivea wet wipes utilize micellar technology, ensuring thorough cleansing of the skin. They are adept at removing waterproof makeup and mascara, leaving your skin clean and refreshed.

Active ingredients:
Micellar Technology, Rose Water

• Effortlessly removes waterproof makeup.
• Gentle on the skin, not irritate.
• Packaged in a distinctive, compact design for on-the-go convenience.
• Alcohol-free, contributing to skin-soothing effects.

How to use:
• Use a tissue to wipe your skin, ensuring you close your eyes.
• Be sure to securely close the package after each use.

More information:
• Do not flush.
• Formula free of microplastics.
• Biodegradable, plant-based wipe.

Made in:

25 Pcs

Store at room temperature
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