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Novaclear Repair Post Laser Cream 75 ml

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A skin soothing cream used after a laser session that causes skin irritation, as it corrects the symptoms of sensitivity and irritation associated with the laser



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Novaclear Repair Post Laser Cream 75 ml

Novaclear skin repair cream is specially designed to take care of the skin after the laser session, peeling, mesotherapy, and aesthetic medicine.
It contains zinc, copper, and silver that repair, soothe, and moisturize skin, and reduce the risk of irritation.
The cream can also relieve the itching and burning sensation of the skin, leaving the skin feeling comfortable.
Novaclear has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory effects and it suitable for face and body

Active ingredients:
Copper (Nano), Silver (Nano), Zinc.

Nova clear cream benefits:
- Relieves skin irritation after laser sessions.
- Relieves inflamed skin.
- Support skin regeneration.
- Reduces redness and irritation.
- Soothes the skin after cosmetic procedures.

How to use the cream:
- Use the cream as needed after the laser session and after cosmetic procedures.

More information:
- Dermatologically tested.
- Fragrance free.
- Keep out of the reach of children.
- Store at room temperature.
- Avoid contact of the cream with the eyes, if this happens, rinse them well with water.

Made in:

75 ML

Store at room temperature
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