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Novalac IT 2 Milk Powder 400 g for constipation

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A milk that is suitable for babies from 6 months until 12 months for treating constipation

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Novalac IT2 Milk Powder 400 Gm

Milk Powder is specially formulated for treating constipation in infants from 6 months until the first year.

Its components act as a prebiotic and increase the osmolarity in the colon that lubricates the stool and bowel.

Novalac IT2 is an iron-fortified infant milk formula suitable for feeding infants from 6 months until the first year when breastfeeding is not applied.

It is iron-fortified, Rich in protein and nutrients to support children's health.

Active ingredients:
Iron , vegetable oils , Skimmed milk & proteins , Demineralised whey .

• Special formula to relieve constipation in kids.

How to use:
Dilute the milk with low mineral water (1 scoop to 30 ml).
The amount of milk that should be given to the child per day depends on the age of the child.
Follow the instructions included in the package.

Points of interest:
• Do not add sugar.
• Use within 3 weeks after opening.
• Do not prepare the bottle in advance, but always before use.
• The milk must be consumed within one hour of the preparation.

Made in: Germany.

Quantity: 400 g.

Store at room temperature.
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