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Nyda Plus Anti-Lice Solution 100 ml

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A revolutionary topical treatment for the eradication of head lice

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Nyda plus Anti-Lice Lotion

The action principle of Nyda plus Anti-Lice Lotion is based on the included 2-step dimethicone - that is, two special silicone oils are used.

A thin, readily volatile liquid at room temperature and a viscous liquid that is comparatively difficult to volatilize.

Due to its low surface tension, Nyda plus Anti-Lice Lotion spreads easily over the scalp and penetrates deeply into the respiratory system of the head lice.

The volatile dimethicone then evaporates while the more viscous silicone oil thickens and closes the respiratory openings of the parasites.

This physical principle eliminates the basis of life from the head lice and their eggs.


• Nyda plus Anti-Lice Lotion combats not only the adult parasites but also the larvae and eggs of the head lice.
• The insects are immediately killed (within 5 minutes) and can then be combed out.

Active Ingredient:


Side effects:

• Quite safe without side effects.

How To Use:

Nyda plus Anti-Lice Lotion should be applied to dry hair and reach the hair roots thoroughly with it.
Massage Nyda plus Anti-Lice Lotion until the hair is completely wet and allows it to take effect for 60 minutes.
After 60 minutes, the dead lice and larvae can be combed out. However, you should not wash the hair yet because Nyda plus Anti-Lice Lotion should work longer on the scalp.
Use any regular shampoo to wash the hair after treatment with Nyda plus Anti-Lice Lotion.


100 ml

How To Store:

Stores at room temperature

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