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Omron B.P.Monitor UA M2

18.200 KD

A quick and accurate upper arm blood pressure monitor

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Omron B.P.Monitor UA M2 
A blood pressure monitoring device that comfortably, quickly, and accurately checks your blood pressure and detects irregular heartbeat to monitor your results easily.
Monitoring is easy with the fully automatic digital OMRON M2, now you can take readings with just one touch.

Benefits of Omron B.P.Monitor UA M2:
• Helps you to take your blood pressure quickly and easily with a one-touch operation.
• Detects irregular heartbeat.

How to use:
Place the unique cuff around your upper arm.
The Cuff wrap guide will indicate that it’s on correctly.
Sit still to ensure an accurate reading but, the body movement detector will let you know if you haven’t and are at risk of taking an inaccurate measurement.

Points of interest:
• Omron B.P.Monitor UA M2 can save 30 readings for one user.
• The device box includes a storage case.
• Included cuff fits arms with a circumference of 22-32 cm.

room temperature.

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