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OptiFer F Tabs 60'S

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An efficient iron supplement with Folic Acid

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OptiFer- F

OptiFer- F Tablets, is an iron that is a vital mineral for the proper functioning of the body, with the important vitamin B9 (folic acid) that helps in cell growth.
The iron supplement is beneficial in cases of anemia due to iron deficiency.
Folic acid is important for cell growth and prevents anemia also it can prevent birth defects that affect the baby’s brain during pregnancy.

Optifer f Benefits:
OptiFer- F Prevents Iron deficiencies.
• Treatment of anemia caused by nutrition, pregnancy, or lactation.

Active Ingredient:
Iron, Folic acid.

Points Of Interest:
• Drink plenty of water.

How To Use optifer f :
Take 1 – 2 tablets daily after meal.

Dosage Form:

60 Tabs.

Stores at room temperature.

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