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Oralite Sachets 10'S for dehydration

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Provides the body with lost fluids and salts in many cases

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Oralite Sachets 10'S

Oral rehydration salt therapy utilizes glucose and electrolyte solution to prevent dehydration.
The utilization of sodium-glucose co-transport in the small intestine is the core phenomenon of this therapy.
Glucose also plays an important role in providing necessary calories, at the same time, along with the administrated electrolytes, enhance the transport of water across the intestinal barrier through osmosis.

Active ingredients:
Sodium chloride , Potassium chloride , , ,

Used to treat:
• Rehydration conditions during vomiting, diarrhea, etc.
• Low blood glucose level.
• Hypotension ( low blood pressure).
• Deficiency of potassium, Electrolyte imbalance.
• Low sodium, potassium, magnesium, and calcium level.
• Acidity.

How to use:
Add one sachet to one glass of water or any other solution.
In persist vomiting can be drinking every 10 minutes.
Also, it variable depends on doctor directions and condition.

Side effects:
• Vomiting
• Overhydration
• Hypernatremia.

Warning and precautions:
• Severe dehydration requires parenteral fluid therapy.
• Tell the doctor if you have impaired renal functions.
• Tell the doctor if you have vomiting with intestinal obstruction or bowel perforation.

Made in:
Saudi Arabia

10 Sachets

Store at room temperature
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