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Panadol Cold & Flu Day 24 Caplets

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These caplets are formulated to relieve symptoms commonly associated with colds and influenza.

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Panadol Cold & Flu Day 24 Caplets

Panadol Cold and Flu contains three main ingredients: Paracetamol, Phenylephrine Hydrochloride, and Caffeine.
Paracetamol belongs to a group of medicines called analgesics (painkillers) and is used to treat pain by inhibiting cyclooxygenase, including COX-1 and COX-2, which are involved in prostaglandin (PG) synthesis.
Prostaglandins are responsible for eliciting pain sensations and have antipyretic effects, helping to reduce fever.
Phenylephrine Hydrochloride is a decongestant used to relieve nasal discomfort caused by colds, allergies, and hay fever.
Caffeine acts to enhance the effectiveness of paracetamol.

Active ingredients:
Paracetamol, Phenylephrine Hydrochloride, Caffeine

• Headache.
• Sore Throat and symptoms of colds and influenza.
• Migraine.
• Muscular Aches and Pains.

How to use:
• Swallow 2 tablets up to 3 times daily, every 4 hours as needed.
• Do not take more than 6 tablets in 24 hours.

More information
• Do not take for more than 5 days.
• Do not take anything else containing paracetamol while taking this medicine.
• Do not take it with any other flu, cold, or decongestant product.

Made in:

Quantity: 24 Caplets

Store at room temperature
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