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Perlamar Pure Marine Cleansing Milk For Sensitive Skin 200 ml

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A milky cleanser that gently yet deeply cleanses sensitive skin to maintain its health.



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Perlamar Pure Marine Cleansing Milk For Sensitive Skin 200 ml

Perlamar Pure Marine for Sensitive Skin Wash has a milky texture that deeply cleanses the skin and removes dirt and impurities.
This Cleansing Milk is distinguished by its unique formula, combining a group of substances that work to soothe and calm sensitive skin.
Perlamar Cleansing Milk contains Panthenol and Aloe Vera, ingredients known for their anti-inflammatory properties, providing comfort to the skin.
Additionally, the formula includes seawater, rich in essential minerals that nourish the skin and maintain its balance and health.

Active ingredients:
Aloe Vera, Panthenol, Sweet Almond Oil, Sea Water.

Perlamar Pure Marine Benefits:
• Cleanses the skin deeply without causing dryness.
• Gentle on the skin and does not irritate.
• Soothes the skin and relieves discomfort.

How to use:
• Apply Perlamar Pure Marine cleansing milk on the face, neck, and décolleté with gentle massage then rinse with water.
• Can be used in the morning and evening.

Beauty Tips
• For best results, use with Perlamar Oyster Harmony products.

Made in:

200 ml

Store at room temperature
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