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Pharmaceris H Stimulinum Hair Growth Conditioner 150 ml

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A conditioner that helps to reduce hair loss and thinning caused by different factors for both men and women



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Pharmaceris H Stimulinum Hair Growth Conditioner 150 ml

Hair loss is one of the most common problems that affects not only women but also men.
Environmental factors, genetic, and hormonal changes, stress, fatigue, and other health conditions such as pregnancy may cause hair loss.
Pharmaceris H- Stimulinum conditioner for sensitive scalps stimulates hair growth and helps strengthen and hydrate the hair to restore its natural volume, giving it a shiny, and healthy look.
Pharmaceris H- Stimulinum conditioner is enriched with Biotin, Caffeine, D- Panthenol, and the Natural Growth Factor.
The ingredients promote and accelerate hair's natural growth and thickness.
Vitamin PP, D- panthenol, and biotin help to soothe and strengthen, leaving it soft and silky.

Active ingredients:
D-panthenol, Biotin, Caffeine, Natural growth factor FGF, Vitamin PP.

• Pharmaceris H- Stimulinum conditioner stimulates new hair growth.
• Increases hair volume and Prevents hair loss.
• Improves hair condition.
• Nourishes hair and increases its density.
• Pharmaceris H- Stimulinum conditioner gives the hair a silky and shiny look.
• Strengthens the hair.

How to use:
1- Apply the conditioner onto wet hair each time after washing.
2- Gently rub the conditioner into your hair and scalp.
3- Leave it on for 2- 3 minutes, and then rinse with water.

Point of interest:
• Pharmaceris H- Stimulinum conditioner is suitable for sensitive scalps.
• Suitable for both men and women.
• Dermatologically tested.
• If the conditioner gets in your eyes, wash them well with water.

Made in:

150 ml

Store at room temperature
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