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Pharmaceris T Sebo Moistatic Moisturizing Face Cream 50 ml

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Pharmaceris T Sebo Moistatic intensely moisturizes the dehydrated skin due to powerful anti-acne treatments



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Pharmaceris T Sebo Moistatic Moisturizing Face Cream 50 ml

Pharmaceris T- Sebo-Moistatic cream moisturizes the skin dehydrated due to powerful anti-acne treatments, and maintains its moisture balance for a long time.

It contains a potent formula:

Hydructor: provides long-lasting hydration
Prebiotic complex: maintains the bacteria balance on the skin, has anti-inflammation action, and improves the skin’s natural barrier function.
The prebiotic complex helps to protect the skin against environmental aggressors.
Willow bark and sage extracts: have anti-bacterial action, regulate the process of epidermal exfoliation, and prevent acne.
SPF 30 filter: reduces the risk of skin irritation and hyperpigmentation and protects the skin from the sun's harmful rays.

Active ingredients:
Allantoin, White willow extract, Sage extract, Prebiotic complex.

• Pharmaceris T- Sebo-Moistatic cream provides intense and long-lasting hydration.
• Soothes irritations and controls redness.
• It protects the skin.
• It minimizes the risk of skin irritation and hyperpigmentation.

How to use:
Use Pharmaceris T- Sebo-Moistatic cream daily in the morning.
Apply the cream to clean facial skin.

Point of interest:
• Pharmaceris T- Sebo-Moistatic cream is a quick-absorbing cream and does not clog skin pores.
• It is perfect as a make-up base.
• Dermatologically tested.

Made in:

50 ml

Store at room temperature.
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