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Phyderma Caviar Rejuvenating Face Cream 50 ml

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A light cream used for tightening signs of aging to give skin a naturally youthful look

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Phyderma Caviar Rejuvenating Face Cream 50 ml

Phyderma Caviar Face Cream is part of the dedicated 'Caviar time collection' range that is exclusive to overturning the issues that lead to skin aging. The groundbreaking combination of Phyderma Caviar Face Creams ingredients, reestablishes the tightness of skin and at the same time, fill the lines and wrinkles that leave the skin with irregular look
Phyderma Caviar Face Cream is composed of:
• Caviar extract: rich in Omega 3, proteins, and vitamins. Restores a supple, radiant appearance to the skin
• Rice extract: Anti-oxidant that protects the skin from environmental factors such as UV rays from the sun
• Extract of Brown Seaweed (Kombu extract): Diminishes wrinkles by decreasing the depth of the lines that they cause. This gives skin a more youthful illuminate look
• Artemia Salina: Which is a Sea Plankton extract that boosts skin energy helping in its reinvigoration.

Active ingredients:
Caviar extract, Rice extract, Extract of Brown Seaweed, Artemia Salina.

• Phyderma Face Cream promote skin vitality.
• Tightens and firms the skin with still maintaining a soft touch.
• Phyderma Caviar Rejuvenating Cream reduces the depth of wrinkles.
• Stimulates skin renewal to appear more radiant.

Direction of use:
Apply Phyderma Caviar Face Cream in the morning and the evening to a cleansed face.
Gently use circular motions to massage the skin with the cream until its fully absorbed.

More information:
• Phyderma Caviar Rejuvenating Face Cream Can be used for the face and neck.
• Phyderma Face Cream is suitable for all skin types.
• For external use only.
• Phyderma cream is paraben free.
• Keep out the reach of children.

Made in: France.

Quantity: 50 ml.

Store at room temperature.
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