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Pic Compressive Elastic Bandage 10 cm*5 m

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An elastic band that provides compression and support to the injured area, which speeds up healing and relieves pain

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Pic Compressive Elastic Bandage 10 cm*5 m

Pic Compressive Elastic Bandage is ideal for supporting the treatment of venous disorders in the lower extremities, ruptures of the tissues of the foot or ankle sprains, among others.
Provides compression and support to the affected areas, relieving pain and speeding recovery.
It is characterized by high elasticity and high extensibility, which allows freedom of movement and daily activities. It is also made of materials that resist perspiration and secretions.

Advantages of Pic Compressive Elastic Bandage:
• Available in several sizes.
• It is characterized by its consistency on the skin.
• Flexible and comfortable for daily use.
• Size: 10 cm*5 m

• If any skin reactions occur, stop using the medical bandage immediately and consult your doctor.
• When replacing the compression strap, be sure to remove it gently.
• Do not use on open wounds or irritated skin.

Made in:

One piece

Store at room temperature
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