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Pic Insumed Syringe For Insulin 1 ml 30G*12.7 mm 30 Pcs

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Syringes help inject insulin without feeling pain

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Pic Insumed Syringe For Insulin 1 ml 30G*12.7 mm 30 Pcs 0095

Insumed Syringe from pic is an effective tool for injecting insulin.
It has a distinctive design that makes it light and painless.
It has a large capacity, allowing more than one type of insulin to be injected together.
Gentle and safe on the skin and does not cause any allergic reactions as it is latex-free.
It stays in place during injection for added ease of use.
Each syringe is equipped with two protective caps to prevent contamination and a magnifying glass for accurate dose taking.

Syringes help inject insulin into the body without pain.

• It is injected directly into the skin, not over clothing.
• It is recommended to change the syringe after each use (each syringe is used only once).
• For personal use (do not use the same syringe for more than one person to avoid cross-infection).

Made in:

30 Pcs

Store at room temperature
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