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Pic Insupen Pen Needles 31G*5 mm 100 Pcs

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Insulin pen needles that help inject insulin under the skin without feeling pain

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Pic Insupen Pen Needles 31G*5 mm 100 Pcs

Pic Insupen Pen Needles are intended for diabetic patients to facilitate accurate and painless insulin injections.
It has a distinctive ergonomic design as it is made of thin walls and a large diameter that ensures rapid insulin flow, which reduces the time required for injection and facilitates skin penetration.
Its distinctive ergonomic design helps reduce pain during insulin injections.
Insulin needles are compatible with most insulin pens.

Insulin pen needles help inject insulin into the body without pain.

• It is injected directly into the skin, not over clothing.
• It is recommended to change insulin pen needles after each use (each needle is used only once).
• For personal use (do not use the same insulin pen needles for more than one person to avoid cross-infection).

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Quantity: 100 Pcs

Store at room temperature
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