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Nail Care

Professional 8 Tools Manicure Set

10.000 KD

The must-have kit to look and feel fresh and clean

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Professional 8 Tools Manicure Set

• Professional 8 Tools Manicure, contains everything you need for nail care, to keep your nails looking great, clean, and attractive.
• Professional set is made of high-quality stainless steel.
• Professional manicure set contains multi-purpose scissors, nail clippers, premium file, and tweezers, all with superior quality.
• The nail clippers will keep your hands looking the way they should, with perfectly shaped nails and no sharp or unsightly edges.
• The nail file will keep your nails looking great, and make the nail edges smooth to protect you from scratching.
• Tweezers are great for perfect-looking eyebrows.
• The scissors are multi-use, they can also be used to cut hair for both men and women.
• Finally, everything is wrapped and packaged in a luxurious and exquisite box.

• Professional 8 is the perfect toolbox for anyone who cares about his appearance and hygiene.
• This deluxe case will help you to travel in style, allowing you to carry your kit with pride.
• Professional 8 Keeps your hands looking as they should, with nails shaped perfectly and no sharp or ugly edges.

How to use:
Use the tools as needed.

Points of interest:
• Keeps out of the reach of children.
• Professional 8 Tools Manicure Set contains 8 pieces.

8 Pieces

Store at room temperature
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